Kids birthday party - fun and action but no stress

Celebrate your child´s next birthday party with us at the Tollhaus!

We offer groups from 6 children (including birthday child) an all-inclusive children´s party at fixed rates per child: Mondays to Thursdays EUR 12,00  per child, Fridays to Sundays and on public holidays EUR 13,90 per child. 

This all-inclusive price includes:

free entry for each registered child
1 game chip for every child
a reservated, colourfully decorated birthday table
a meal of your choice
Rapps Saftschorle from our selection - 0,3 l for each child
(or: +0,2 l instead of bags with sweets)
a colourful party bag with sweets (fruit-flavoured) for every child
free entry for 2 adults
(any other adult pays EUR 4,00)
and an extra game chip for the birthday child

Further options:

MAX-FUN-Birthday: upgrade your birthday package and get 5 game chips for only EUR 3,00 per child (regular price EUR 5,00).
This offer is only valid if booked for all kids within the package.
Disney-themed birthday parties: double set per child (+ EUR 1,75 per child)
exclusive usage of the disco room: EUR 15 / hour

You may bring a birthday cake to the party. Any other foods and beverages are available at our bistro and may not be carried with you from elsewhere. Please understand that we must be strict as owners of the bistro.

Get our printed invitation cards for free at the Tollhaus entry counter or print them yourself from here: Invitation cards.

Note: For any birthday table reservations which aren't cancelled at least 48h beforehand, we will charge a fee of EUR 25,00. Should the number of persons change, please inform us 2 days before the party date so we can upadate your reservation. 

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